Banksy Style Hammer Rat Wall Decor

SKU: 110925

Banksy rat has made appearances all over the world in a variety of guises. It by far is his most prominent work. The most famous Banksy rat is the anarchist rat. It features a rat holding a banner that supports anarchism. This rat clearly reflects the mindset of Banksy. Another famous Banksy rat is found in Barbican, here the rat holds a placard saying London doesnt work. Banksy rat is stenciled in bold black, depicting a sneering rat with a locket hung around its neck. Banksy also takes a dig at the establishment system by depicting the rat along side a huge billboard advertising a public primary school.

Banksy rat is an enigma because it shows different emotions and ideals at different place. At a temporary car park in Farringdon, Banksy rat was depicted along with the slogan because I am worthless. This particular piece of art reflects the down-trodden nature of the common man. Another rat was found on a rooftop along the elevated section of the M4 motorway at Brentford.

Banksy rat is his most famous works. It has made numerous appearances in numerous places.


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