Banksy Style Balloon Girl 'There is always hope' Wall Stickers

SKU: 110809

Banksy Girl With Balloon is an endearing portrait of girl trying to catch a balloon. Banksy girl has a surreal quality to it. Banksy girl has bold stencil lines accentuated by the background. The girl in the art is in black while the balloon in red provides the perfect contrast. Banksy girl with balloon is endearing and eerie at the same time. The girl has an air of complacency that is eerie. Another interesting aspect is that the girl and the balloon are portrayed on separate canvases. This creates an air of detachment about the picture.

Banksy Girl With Balloon out shot expectations when it raised a bid of 37,500 pounds at an auction in the house of Sothebys. This bears testament to the fact that Banksys works are hugely popular among public. Banksy also expressed surprise at the amount of interest generated by this particular piece of work. Banksy Balloon girl remains an intriguing piece of art.

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