Banksy Style Audrey Hepburn Cat Attack - Vinyl Wall Decoration

SKU: 120117

Default colour of scratches is Strawberry Red. If you wish different colour please leave message in your order comments. Thank you.

Audrey Hepburn's role in the movie was of a woman who loved to party and adored the glamour and glitz of New York. An elegant, if superficial woman, she was looking for a man to marry who would give her that life. The cats attack shows that there are other things that matter more, and that this elegant facade will not hold up to reality. The color of the wall and the paint suggest a bleeding away of the glamorous life the Hepburns character craves.
Big contrast between the image of a beautiful woman and an aggressive cat taking that beauty away is an intended shock and attention shouting tool.
This wall art can be ordered in any of our colours. Choose your desired direction and size and enjoy this dramatic art as a show-stopping centre piece in your home, workplace or make it a fantastic gift for someone.

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