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Keep Calm and love wall stickers!

'Keep Calm and Bake On' - Kitchen / Dining Room / Bakery Wall Decal


Bake in style with this fabulous wall art!
Create your baking corner easily by applying the vinyl sticker transfer on any smooth surface. Try on painted walls, furniture, doors, windows without the worry the decal would damage the surface underneath when removed. Heat the vinyl up with a hairdryer and gently peel away. Recommended for rented accomodation.
High quality material will not peel on its own or fade.
Add fun, textures and colour to your kitchen, dining room or workplace with this design.
Wide range of colours and selection of sizes available.
Great gift idea.

'Keep Calm and Be Yourself' - Vinyl Wall Decoration


Fabulous looking wall art and so easy to apply.
Great details of this design make it look as if painted.
Durable vinyl wall sticker will not leave markes when removed if peeled after being heated up.
Great solution to rented accommodations or for those who like to change things around often.
This wall sticker can be ordered in any of our colours and three sizes to choose from.

'Don't Worry and Be Happy' - Fantastic Wall / Car Decor


Perfect vinyl sticker for smooth walls, doors or windows where you spend most if your time and need some incentive to cheer up.
Ideal wall sticker for rented accommodation as it will not ruin the surface underneath.
Great for bigger and smaller decorating projects as we have three sizes yo choose from and all our fabulous colours to choose from for this design.
This wall decal has been design to the smallest detail to look professional and allow an easy supplication.
It will make a good gift too.

'Keep Calm and Don't Forget To Be Awesome' - Funny Wall Sticker


Fun wall sticker looks ever so professional, serious and majestic.
Beautifully designed writing with the painstaking crown this design seem as if carefully painted on the surface.
This wall decal can be enjoyed in minutes as application is easy and does not require any tools.
Great Wall art to enhance your workplace or to make it a centre piece in your living room.
Choose your preferred size and colour from our palette.

'Keep Calm and Be Forever Young' - Large Wall Sticker


Great motto to adopt.
Beautifully crafted from high quality weather proof vinyl this design can be applied just about anywhere smooth.
Indoors, outdoors it will not fade or peel off the surface. Durable vinyl sticker can easily be removed without leaving a trace with a simple trick. No tools for application or removal needed.
Fabulous gift idea.
Order yours in any colour from our palette and choose the right size for your decorating project.

'Do you believe in time travel?' - Donnie Darko Wall Decal


A treat for Donnie Darko - American drama fans.
Get a piece of this classic into your home or make it a great gift.
Fantastic wall sticker that can be applied just about anywhere smooth.
Fully weather proof, comes in different colours and sizes this wall decor has endless possibilities.
Looking as if painted this wall decal is so easy to apply. No need for tools or decorating experience.
It can be safely removed too without damaging the surface underneath.

'Keep Calm and follow the white rabbit' - Vinyl Decoration


Fun way of showing the Queen's quote with a white rabbit.
Looking professional this wall sticker is so easy to apply, all you need is a smooth, clean surface and following instructions.
Stunning effect guaranteed within minutes.
You can choose your preferred colour and size to suit your existing decor.
Perfect for cresting feature walls, partition walls, decorating space above a bed or a desk.

'Keep Calm and Eat a Cookie' - Amusing Wall Decal


Loveable Cookie Monster make this wall quote fun, innocent and inviting.
Wall art ideal for children's rooms, centre pieces in bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and many more.
This vinyl wall sticker makes a great gift too.
All colours and many sizes are available for this design.

'Keep Calm and Love Life' - Large Wall Sticker


Positive and inviting vinyl wall quote sticker. Warm up your interiors with this old and new original wall art.
Great for putting life back to your living room, bedroom, workplace.
Impressive sizes up to 140cm height and beautiful colours to choose from make this wall art so versatile.

'Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate' - Funny Vinyl Decal


Fun and reassuring wall art in the for of the vinyl wall sticker.
You will love this on in your kitchen, dining area or TV room.
The ultimate excuse to eat chocolate can now decorate your walls.
Choose your in your favourite colour and the preferred size.
This wall decal will make a fantastic gift.

Keep calm and do your homework WALL STICKERS


Fun wall decor for all pupils, students, office workers to motivate to work.
Truly professional final look is achieved in few easy steps with our instructions.
Ideal wall art for prevented accommodation as despite its durability the sticker can be removed without leaving any trace when heated up.
We have a fabulous ranges of colours and sizes to choose from for this wall decal.

'Keep Calm and Toke Bongs' - Vinyl Wall Sticker


Keep calm and relax with your bong in style.
This fun vinyl wall sticker looks amazing once applied.
Try on a wall, furniture or a car, a smooth surface is all you need to enjoy this great design.
Weather proof, durability, easy application and removal make this wall sticker a perfect decorating tool.
There are three sizes available for this design.
We have a wide variety of beautiful colours to choose from for this wall art,

'Keep Calm and Be a Bielieber' - Justin Bieber True Fan Wall Decoration


Justin Bieber's fans now have their own version of keep calm wall art.
Perfect gift idea.
Ideal wall decor for someone who changes their mind a lot or for rented accommodation - this wall sticker, despite its amazing weather proof durability, can be removed without leaving a sign of ever being applied.
Get yours, choose your preferred size and colour.

'Keep Calm and Listen to One Direction' - Teenager Room Wall Decal


Fabulous twist on The Queen's words with One Direction on the menu.
Get the designer look of this vinyl wall sticker, enjoy the professional look and easy application.
Make it an original gift or order yours.
There are three sizes and all the colours from our palette available or this design.

'Keep Calm and Read Books' - Vinyl Decal


Relax and enjoy reading as The Queen says.
Fabulous wall art for any office, library, study corner.
Almost a functional decor will bring any wall to life with its beautiful clear font and books.
Will make a fantastic gift.
Order yours in any colours from our palette and any of the three sizes available for this design.

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