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Keep Calm and love wall stickers!

Keep Calm And Carry On Classic Wall Sticker


Keep Calm and Carry On was a propaganda poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion.


Keep Calm And Keep Ballin' - Wall Stickers Decal


Keep Calm and Drink Vodka - funny decal


Yet another joke on the already iconic phrase. Our Keep Calm version wall sticker will not only brighten up your interiors but anyone visiting too. With Her Majesty’s crown and vodka in one sentence it’s quite an original, cool, avant-garde piece of functional art.
This fun wall decal will make a guaranteed talking point of any living room, kitchen, bedroom or maybe workplace.
We have three different sizes to choose from, including the large, 60 x 110 cm design. This wall décor can be chosen in any colour of our palette.

Keep Calm And Drink On - Funny Wall Decor


Geordie - Divvnt fret just keep ganin


Geordie’s twist on the 1939 famous phrase. Great wall decoration for any funky interior, bedroom, office. Fantastic as a gift for someone visiting North East or any Geordie born person.
Three different sizes and all our colours to choose from make this decal universal, suiting any place.

'Keep Calm and Love Rainy Days' - Lovely Vinyl Decoration


Beat the wet weather with the positive attitude off this wall art.
The fun twist on the Royal quote helps getting through rainy days in better mood.
Make it a centre piece in your home or workplace or apply on your car or a boat.
Original vinyl sticker can be removed without leaving a trace when instructions are followed.
Easy way to personalise your space without the need of drilling holes or applying glue.
Choose the colour and size that suit your makeover project t the best and enjoy the new decor in minutes.

Designer - 'Keep Calm and Flush It' - Toilet / Wall Sticker


Surprise yourself and others with this unusual idea of decorating your toilet seat.
Bring a little majestic fun to the toilet time, make it an unexpected talking point.
Create a more pleasant place for your daily trips, match the colour of your vinyl sticker to the existing colour scheme.
Choose your preferred size and etch the fraction of your toilet users.
Waterproof vinyl will not peel off but can be removed easily when instructions are followed.

Designer - Keep Calm And Party On - Amazing Wall Decal


Young and old party lovers will love to have this wall art!
Fabulous twist on the iconic quote by The Queen looks like an order to just have fun.
Great item for students in their rented accommodation or dormitories as this vinyl sticker can be removed without leaving a trace when instructions are followed.
Original gift idea.
We have fantastic palette of colours and few sizes available for this wall decor.

Designer - 'Keep Calm and Game On' - Gamer Room Wall Decoration


Mark your gaming territory with a great looking wall art.
Rounded lines of this wall sticker will add the cosy feel while the square writing leaves no doubt about the owner's hobby.
This vinyl sticker is suitable for applications indoors as well as outdoors.
Put your stamp on your living room or bedroom, personalise your workplace or your car or a boat.
Choose your preferred colour and size and discover the power of a vinyl sticker for yourself.

Designer - 'Keep Calm And Kill Zombies' - Modern Vinyl Sticker


You will love this design if zombies are your thing but you cannot make permanent changes to your home perhaps due to renting.
What looks like splashes and random lines makes this great messy wall sticker which can be removed without leaving a trace following our instructions.
Fabulous disorganised pattern wil add fantastic drama to any interiors, whether bedroom or centre piece in your living room.
Many colours and sizes are available for this design.

Designer - 'Keep Calm And Be Yourself' - Contemporary Wall Decoration


Majestic feel beams from this vinyl sticker!
Beautiful rounded writing with thick, almost 3D letters will add this graceful, rich feel to any interiors.
Try it at workplace, make is a feature wall or apply outdoors, on a car or boat.
Fabulous gift idea too.
Magnificent twist on the iconic royal quote can be easily enjoyed anywhere smooth.
Choose your preferred colour and size to suit your needs.

Designer - 'Keep Calm And Carry On' - Fantastic Wall / Car Decal


Follow the Royal historic quote in everything you do with the help of this new take on the quote.
Fabulous curly, rounded design brings in cosy warmth personalising perhaps cold and lifeless interiors.
Try yours on a mirror, feature wall or even a car! Perfect for a stressful workplace or as a gift.
Beautifully created writing and the crown add a great elegant majestic feel.
Wide range of fantastic colours and selection of sizes are available for this wall decor.

Designer - 'Keep Calm and Zombie On' - Apocalyptic Vinyl Wall Sticker


Trully stunning vinyl sticker has a very realistic nearly moving zombie looking down. Scary and fun wall art makes a joke on the royal quote twisting the message.
Create eye catching feature wall with easy vinyl sticker transfer, surprise yourself and other how easy it is to achieve a professional looking centre piece!
High quality vinyl used means it is easy to apply giving the maximum satisfaction when installed but it can be removed after being heated up with a hairdryer without damaging the surface underneath.

Designer - 'Keep Calm And Put The Kettle On' - Large Vinyl Decal


Perfect wall art for kitchen or dining area!
Humorous, highly decorative vinyl sticker is the ideal decorating tool as it looks stunning with easy application but can be removed without a trace too.
Inject fun, beautiful rich textures and colour to your walls, furniture, doors, windows with this decal. Enjoy it on any smooth surface indoors and outdoors as the high quality vinyl is hardwearing and weatherproof withstanding water and sun, staying unchanged in place until you wish for a change. Use a hairdryer to heat the sticker prior to removing do it does not peel away with paint or leave sticky residue.
Many great colours and selection of sizes available.

Keep Calm and Smoke Weed Decal


Great modern twist on the historic Royal quote!
Fabulous wall art that brings lovely textures, colour and humour to your surroundings.
Whether as a centre piece in your living room or bedroom or in smaller size a sticker to personalise your computer or fridge you can enjoy professionally looking decor in a matter of minutes without the need of having experience in DIY.
Great Wall sticker as a gift.
Many sizes and colours available.

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