Banksy Style Gas Mask Girl - Vinyl Art Stickers

SKU: 120120

Colour 1 - Colour Of Girl
Colour 2 - Colour Of Petals

This recognisable piece relates quite a lot to how we want our portrayal of Alice to be. Banksy has a way of twisting things to make quite a statemtent. It is highlighting the idea of government repression and living in a society that is poisened by authority. It seems a good starting point as to how we want our Alice to be viewed; the gas mask contradicts Alice's innocence, and the fact we are unable to see her face adds to the sense of mystery and idea that we do not know the real Alice.
This dramatic wall decal will create an exciting modern grown up feel.
Great motion effect softens your interiors and creates a 3D effect.
Ideal wall art to create a centre piece in your home or workplace.
Get yours, order your preferred size, colours and direction and enjoy this professional Banksy style art the easy way.

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