Banksy 'Smart Phone Distracted Lovers' / 'Smartphone Obsession' - Amazing Wall Art

SKU: 141003

Smart contemporary art by Banksy. Epic stencil showing a lovely embracing couple being hypnotised by their mobile phones.
Fabulous vinyl sticker is the ideal centre piece anywhere home or workplace. The interactive qualities of this decal will not let it get away unnoticed.
Treat yourself to this amazing, modern wall art or maki it stunning gift for someone.
Order yours in any size and colour from our selection and apply in minutes anywhere smooth.
This sticker can be installed anywhere indoors and outdoors due to its hardwearing and weatherproof qualities.
Bring in this fabulous piece, be on top of the current, talked a lot of art.
High quality vinyl eases application and removal if need be, just heat it up with a hairdryer and be sure your walls will look just like before application when you peel the warmed sticker away.


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