Children's Room

Real queens fix each others crown's. Fashion quote version for younger queens. Poster A4-A1


Gorgeous, feel good image is an instant feel good cosiness!
Mesmerising, cartoony style of this high quality poster beams with happiness spreading rays of its beautiful colours around.
Must have for every girl's room. Great gift idea.
Calm pastel colours of this poster teamed up with a royal touch makes it looks elegant yet warm and homely.
This poster can be ordered in many sizes corresponding with standard frames dimensions and to fit Ikea Ribba range.

Set Of Cute Cats And Mouses Adorable Wall Sticker High Quality Decals


Cat Scratching The Wall Funny Removable Wall Sticker Great For Kids Room


Gorgeous Unicorn Wall Stickers For Your Little Girls Room


Designer - Cute Kitty Cat Baby Pet Light Switch Sticker Funny Wall Decal


Suitable for standard light switch (10cm x 10cm)

Light switch/power socket NOT included, you are buying a wall sticker only

Turn your light switch into a playground with this cute kitten climbing from behind of the switch.
Fun and hardwearing vinyl sticker creates a multidimensional feel to what is just an ordinary, flat switch.
Breath in a new life into your light switch, choose your preferred colour of the sticker.

Designer - Mouse Set With Cheese Van - Amusing Vinyl Stickers


You will love this vinyl sticker once applied!
This design is almost giving you options to break off pieces and arrange them together your way.
Clever thought through decal speaks out from the surface and creates an usual centre pieces whether in smaller sizes or in giant 60cm by 160cm!
Great tool to personalise your belongings or put your stamp on your home, ideal for rented accommodation as it can be removed without leaving a trace with our instructions.
Choose your size and colours and enjoy your own designer vinyl sticker.

Designer - Mouse Set - Funny Vinyl Decor


Get the feel of a moving wall art into your home and create a fabulous scene upon a wall, door or even outdoors as long as the surface is smooth.
Amazing, cartoony wind up mice and cheese pieces make an interesting picture perfect to create an eye catching feature wall or just to enliven boring areas of your home or workplace.
Choose your preferred size and enjoy your new wall art is minutes without the need to drill holes or applying glue.
This vinyl sticker can be removed without leaving a trace with our instructions.

Designer - Cute Owl Set - Lovable Vinyl Stickers


Interesting urge of wanting the pieces to be taken off this wall art makes this vinyl sticker more than just a flat decal.
Fabulous multidimensional feel is an eye catching feature perfect to enliven modern, minimalistic and perhaps dull interiors.
Perfect for lifeless office space or anywhere you would like to find home for these cute owls.
Beautifully designed wall art looks great in a wall, mirror, window or outdoors on a car, caravan or a boat too!

Designer - Mice And Mouse Hole - Fabulous Vinyl Sticker


Enjoy the insight into the lifes of these lovely hairy creatures living in our designers vinyl sticker.
Fabulous, cute little story is told trough the clever details of this wall art. The mice seem so real that they seem to be moving getting on with their daily chores.
Get yours in any colour from our palette and add life to your home or workplace. Anything from skirting boards to furniture, windows or even a car or aboat will will gain an interesting character with this design.

Designer - Toy Mouse And Cute Little Mouse Home - Vinyl Wall Decal


Magnificent cartoony style design features beautifully crafted wind up mouse with its home and surroundings.
Perfected details of this wall sticker are striking, everything seems to be multidimensional creating an interesting scene wherever applied. Whether as suggested in smaller sizes to decorate your uninteresting skirting board or in larger sizes to form unusual centre piece in your living room you will not have difficulties with its ready application and removal if need be by following our instructions.
Perfect for any kind of room to bring in a little humour and great cosy feel.

Designer - Three Cute Little Chickens With Mouse Hole - Vinyl Decoration


Cute and curious little chicks seem to be looking into a mouse hole in this wall sticker.
Clever way to capture the characters of chickens and the frightened mouse poking out of its hole.
This wall art beautifully presenting story of those little creatures is a fabulous addition to any room from nursery to living room.
Try on your mirror, window or even a car or a boat. Fully weather proof vinyl sticker can be applied indoors and outdoors.
Choose your preferred size and colour and let this wall decor enliven your surroundings.

Designer - Toy Mice With Car And Mouse Hole - Funny Wall Sticker


Let this wall sticker take you to another world. Close your eyes and relax imagining the different, cartoony life going on in this wall art.
Beautiful scene feels as if in motion adding a great interesting feel to your surroundings.
Amazing way to add textures and colour to your home, workplace or maybe a car too.
Many sizes are available up to giant 50cm by 290cm!
We have a wide range if colours available for this vinyl sticker.

Designer - Two Mice and Mouse Hole To Let - Cute Vinyl Decal

Designer - Two Mouses and Mouse Hole To Let - Cute Vinyl DecalDesigner - Two Mouses and Mouse Hole To Let - Cute Vinyl Decal

Get into the life of the small, cute mice, discover the simplistic yet impressive cartoony scene in this wall sticker.
Absolutely striking effect of this wall art brings multidimensional feel and sweet innocent atmosphere therefore perfect for children's rooms. Great way to make amazing feature wall in your living room or bedroom that will only take minutes without the need to drill holes or pasting any glue.
Very versatile design will look fabulous anywhere from skirting boards, doors, mirrors, furniture, walls or outdoors on cars or boats.

Designer - Lovely Mouse and Mouse Hole - Wall / Car / Laptop Sticker


Adorable mouse featured in this vinyl sticker will bring life and cosy feel to any room.
Beautifully created mouse with its hole and details around it has been captured as if still walking and sniffing the ground.
Great way to soften up perhaps too dull minimalistic clean line interiors, perfect for children's room.
This wall art comes in many sizes up to striking 50cm by 310cm!
Absolutely stunning scene once applied and the easy of installing means no drilling or DIY experience necessary.
Enjoy your new cute wall art in minutes.

Designer - Stork Carrying Baby Child version 3 Lovely Decal


Beautifully created vinyl sticker presents a flying stork with a baby. Cartoony like design brings humour and great injection if colour and textures. Fantastic wall art allows to put your own stamp on perhaps dull interiors.
Choose any colour from our rich colour palette and create your own home makeover. Easy wall art does not need any DIY experience and can be removed without leaving a trace.

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