'Be kind whenever possible...' Dalai Lama - Large Wall Quote

SKU: 130806

Perfect wall art for family room!
His holliness the Dalai Lama spreading the message of peace in the world by saying the best way to solve problems everywhere is to sit down and talk.
Words of wisdom make this fabulous show stopping piece in a great marriage of contemporary look and the Tibetan monks philosophy.
Stunning vinyl sticker transfer impresses onlookers making an rady centre piece around your home, workplace or even outdoors on a car or boat.
Beautifully crafted vinyl decal embraces the message in beautifully perfected detsils looking as if professionally painted on.
Apply on a wall or any other smooth surface without the worry of ruining the surface underneath when sticker is removed, gently peel away after heating the vinyl up with a hairdryer.
Create a stunning feature wall in no time!
Lots of great colours and selection of sizes available.

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