Cow Patches - Fridge Print Waterproof Refrigerator Stickers

SKU: 150627

Give your fridge a second lease of life by transforming it into the eye catching centre piece with the professional hard-wearing vinyl stickers.
Spice up your refrigerator with our innovative ideas. UK designed and manufactured vinyl stickers are high quality and cheap ways to add colour and style to the sometimes dull appliance.
Sticker is designed to fit standard sizes of fridges with either 50cm or 60cm width and 120cm or 200cm height. For best fit we encourage to measure up the fridge before deciding on the suitable size. Should you require a different size please send us a message. We do custom stickers too, just send us a message with your requirements and we will get back to you with details.
Water resistant vinyl withstands steamy environment of kitchens and splashes of water as long as the designated surface is dry and cleaned with a normal use detergent to remove particles of grease prior to application.
Stickers can be installed on any other smooth surface as long as it doesn't get very hot and these may include kitchen cupboards/cabinets, painted walls/smooth wallpapers, doors, mirrors and due to the water resistant qualities these can be applied outdoors too, for example on cars.
Decals are safe to use, these will not damage the surface underneath by leaving sticky residue or peeling with paint. We recommend treating the sticker with some source of direct heat before attempting to remove it. It works very well with hairdryer which by heating up the surface relaxes the glue and allows peeling it away.
Vinyl stickers are removable but not reusable.


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