Banksy Style Crying Terrorist - Large Art Decoration

SKU: 120121

The Banksy Crying Terrorist art piece first appeared in May of 2009 at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. The art is starkly black and white, as are most works by Banksy. Art is meant to provoke and this piece is provocative in its depiction of tears streaming down the ski mask of an armed terrorist.
The art piece is chillingly surreal and thought-inducing. Are the tears of the terrorist meant to symbolize regret for what has been done or for what he is about to do? Or are the tears meant to symbolize joy at the action taken or about to be taken? The audience is left without image of the person’s face; only the eyes show with tears flowing from them.
Get your eye catching piece, create an amazing feature wall that will not get unnoticed with our wall sticker.
Beautifully crafted wall decor will surprise you with its professional finish.
This wall decal can be ordered in any of the two different sizes and colour from our palette.
You can ask for your Banksy style Crying Terrorist wall art to be facing either left or right.

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