Banksy Style Camera Girl Wall Stickers

SKU: 110919

Wall decal image depicts a girl carrying a basket standing in front of a CCTV camera which is originally painted on the top most position of a bush. The girl gets scared or shocked after seeing the camera as is shown in the picture. The reason of this mental state can be explained by the fact that a small girl carrying a basket full of goodies is doing nothing which should be seen on a CCTV cameras however, the increasing number of crimes in the world have forced the officials to install such cameras in different areas so that not a single activity of people is hidden.
Contemporary wall sticker intriguing with its message will create a great story upon your wall adding depth to it with its motion effect.
This artistic wall sticker can be ordered in any of the three sizes available and any of our colours.
Choose your Camera Girl wall decor facing either left or right and enjoy the style transformation in your home within minutes.

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