JC Design 'They told me I couldn't. That's why I did.' Fantastic Vinyl Wall Sticker

SKU: jc141104

Beautifully magnetic design capable of slowing onlookers down to look and think.
Charming scene with birds flying around the writing magically takes our minds into the spin. Energise yourself for the change you wanted to make, prove yourself and others you can do what you wish to do.
Amazingly motivational vinyl sticker transfer becomes a show shopping centre piece with the great message and the 3D feel.
Easy application decal looks fabulous being cut from high quality vinyl and can be used on any smooth surface indoors and outdoors.
Ideal decorating tool for interiors where drilling isn't allowed or cannot be done. Install this impressive sticker in minutes and enjoy the instant transformation it gives.
Many beautiful colours and choice of sizes available.

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