JC Design 'All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us' JRR Tolkien - Wall Quote Vinyl Decor

SKU: jc150318

Original wall art surprises with its message by JRR Tolkien. Motivating powers beam from this design greatly complemented by the fabulous stylish font. Highly detailed finish gives the perfect outstanding look great for any room at home or workplace.
Interesting centre piece is created easily in minutes with this prearranged vinyl sticker transfer.
Durable and weatherproof qualities of this material ensure the sticker will stay unchanged until time foe a change comes!
Remove without peeling paint or leaving sticky residue with just a hairdryer at hand, heat the vinyl up and peel away gently.
Enjoy the transformation of your home without a permanent change to its decor.
Many colours and sizes available.

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