Banksy Style Balloon Girl 2 Art Stickers

SKU: 110810

Banksy style Palestine Balloons girl appeared in the centre of conflict on the dividing wall.
The artist was filmed doing his stencil which added heated discussion to his project.
As controversy and contrast stand out from Banksy's art this painting is no different. Most people read the message as : I am free. I will leave if I want to.
Fabulous idea wall decal will bring its innocent freshness and lightness to your interiors.
Beautiful creation wall art will create a fantastic motion effect ideal for narrow spaces like staircase or as a feature wall in bedroom or living room.
Bring the reminder of political issues people suffer closer, enjoy the artistic vision with our Balloons Girl wall sticker.
This design can be ordered in any colour from our palette and in any of the three sizes available.

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