Banksy New Graffiti 2013 - I love NY - Colourful Sticker

SKU: 131114

Known for politically charged art and use of sarcasm, many area onlookers claim that the doctor depicted in the piece is searching for the pulse of a city whose heart was once beating strongly and proudly, but no longer. Whatever the street artist’s aim was, the piece has a certain simple yet arresting character, a certain charm that is undeniably Banksy.
Greatly reproduced with attention to detail this vinyl sticker transfer impresses with its originality and puzzles with its message making a fun talking point.
Hardwearing decal can be applied onto any smooth surface making the real impression as if painted on.
Recommended for rented homes or workplace this sticker can be removed without damaging the surface underneath, just heat the vinyl up with a hairdryer and gently peel away.


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