Lovely Owl - Chalkboard Sticker With Free Chalk And Sponge


Friendly owl design chalkboard sticker is a great addition to a grown up and a child's surroundings too.
Use in kitchen or corridor to exchange messages with your family, leave a TO DO LIST, shopping list or recipes. Use at work to set reminders, plan your week or just to scribble on.
Easy application means no tools required, no drilling or damaging the surface underneath. When no longer required the sticker can be peeled off easily by heating the vinyl up with a hairdryer.
Fabulous tool to add extra textures to your interiors while providing a very useful note pad.

Cat and Dog Silhouette - Set Of 2 Stickers - Cute Wall Decoration


Funny set of 2 vinyl stickers featuring silhouettes of a dog and a cat sitting. Cute, cartoony animals are a great idea to add character and perhaps mark a territory in dogs and cats home. Perfect for painted wall, doors, windows, fridges or furniture these decals are very hardwearing and weatherproof therefore can be applied outdoors too.
Stick on your car, boat, caravan and you will not be disappointed with the quality.
Removal is safe and all is needed is a hairdryer to heat up the material for easy peel off.
Selection of colours and sizes available.


JC Design 'Who is wise?...' Benjamin Franklin Quote Wall Sticker


Striking, surprising quote by Benjamin Franklin easily becomes the talking point of onlookers.
Ideal tool to become the feature wall in your living room or workplace.
Durable vinyl sticker is very easy to apply creating an instant interesting focal point without any tools or experience required.
Easy removal using a hairdryer to heat up the surface of the sticker means no damage to the surface underneath which is why it is the perfect wall art for rented accommodations.
Choose yours in any colour from our wide selection of shades and decide on the size to suit your project best.

JC Design 'Great minds discuss ideas...' - Motivational Vinyl Wall Quote


Amazing words of wisdom many will agree with. Truly stunning wall art deserving a centre place in your home or workplace adding extra textures and colour to your interiors.
Modern organised feel of this design suits mainly modest, clean line decors but will greatly blend in and enhance any existing design.
Interesting, eye catching vinyl sticker looks beautiful as if painted once applied.
High quality vinyl is a hardwearing material allowing easy application and safe removal when using a hairdryer to heat up its surface.
Selection of sizes and colours available.

JC Design 'You are my sunshine...' - Optimistic Wall Decoration


Wake up to a great looking, full of optimistic energy wall art with this fun vinyl sticker.
Perfect feature wall for bedrooms, living rooms or workplace this design will empower you with love and great strength to allow you go through the day happy.
Fabulous wall decor can also be applied on any smooth surface like furniture, doors, windows or even outdoors on cars, boats and many more thanks to its weatherproof qualities.
Energise yourself, get this design close to where you spend most of your day.
Choose your preferred colour and size.

American Indian - Set Of 8 Stickers - Perfect For 4x4, SUV Car


Stunning set of stickers perfect for giving amazing character to your car, boat but also to create a great theme in your home on a fridge, mirrors, painted walls or anywhere else smooth.
Fabulous motifs create an interesting feature giving a new life to your wheels allowing you to put your own stamp on your car or perhaps a motorbike too.
Truly hardwearing and weatherproof material withstands all weathers but is easy to remove when heated up with a hairdryer.
Wide range of colours to choose from will allow you to put your own twist in this eye catching design.


James Bond 007 - Modern Vinyl Wall Sticker


Modest, simple yet full of character design brings in fabulous mystery and elegance of the 007 agent.
Great wall art for smaller interiors as it creates the feel of depth with its clever design.
Easy application means this stunning wall decor doesn't require any tools or DIY experience and will transform your interiors in minutes.
Inject interesting textures and colour, choose your preferred size and shade to let this artwork fit I to your designated place.


James Bond Set Of 3 Stickers - Large Wall Decoration


Classic stylish characteristics of the 007 Agent have been brilliantly preserved in this stunning wall art.
Sexy and sleek feel of this design will add the wow factor to your home or workplace.
Beautiful attention to detail and high quality vinyl will not disappoint with an easy application, durability and safe removal during a hairdryer.
Minimal effort brings in maximum satisfaction with this vinyl sticker.
Perfect for any smooth surfaces like painted walls, windows, furniture, or outdoors on cars, boats.

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