'Be kind whenever possible...' Dalai Lama Quote Canvas + Buddha Wall Sticker


Beautifully kind and peaceful piece of art will certainly become your favourite point anywhere applied.
Art piece greatly combining vinyl stickers and canvas with its innovative technique spreads relaxing atmosphere anywhere installed.
Create an amazing sanctuary to unwind after a long day with this original wall decor.
Powerful yet gentle art will blend in into your existing decor taking it a step further.


'If you believe in yourself anything is possible' Motivational Canvas + Floral Wall Stickers


Let your confidence grow under the influence of this original wall decor.
Impress yourself and others with the powerful message wall quote beautifully presented on chunky, everlasting feel canvas surrounded with flowers on vines growing from with the canvas.
Clever combination of vinyl stickers and canvas is the newest creation that really stands out with its multidimensional and multi textural feel.
Ideal for home, workplace or as a gift.
Choose the colour of the canvas and its size to suit your project.


JC Design 'Failure is only the opportunity to begin again...' Motivational Vinyl Wall Sticker


A more appealing way to say learn from mistakes is an attractive wall art for any existing style. High quality material and handling makes this vinyl wall quote sticker stand out adding fabulous stylish, designer look to your interiors.
Get yours in any colour from our palette to match your existing decor or make it an original gift.
Perfect wall art for anybody taking up a new venture, students or someone who struggles with something.
Enjoy a great looking wall decor and its motivational power the easy way with its fool proof application.

JC Design 'Wake Up With Determination...' Large Quote Wall Decoration


Charming simplicity of this vinyl wall quote sticker has the power to influence the events of your day!
Apply in bedroom, workplace and observe the impact this art piece has.
Modern type of stylish wall art can easily blend into any existing style and become the eye catching centre piece.
Great attention to detail and durable, weather proof vinyl make this vinyl wall quote an outstanding decorating piece.
Many colours and three sizes are available for this wall decor.

JC Design 'Success is the sum of small efforts...' Fantastic Vinyl Wall Motivational Quote


Magnificent art piece looks fabulous once applied. Great message pours from this vinyl sticker wall quote making it ideal for places where you do your work, whether home or away.
Easy application with no tools or experience required means this wall art will be up in minutes spreading its motivating power.
Great gift idea.
There are all the fabulous colours from our palette and four sizes available for this wall decor.

JC Design 'When you feel like quitting think about why you started'. Motivational Wall Decal


Overwhelming and simple wall quote great to accompany you in whatever you take up. Fabulous motivational tool vinyl sticker really does look great especially in those clean line modern interiors adding colour and textures.
Ideal for bedrooms, office space or wherever else you do your work.
Get your own motivational wall decor in any of the fantastic colours from our palette and the size to suit your needs.

'Give every day the chance to become...' Amazing Canvas + Wall Stickers Art Decor


Magnificent and delightful wall decor is the must have piece to have close by.
Make it your private motivational tool in your bedroom or workplace or show it off to your visitors in living room.
Impress yourself with the beautiful high quality combination of canvas and vinyl stickers greatly blended together to compliment each other. Fabulous mix of textures and materials brings any wall to life injecticing positive energy into your interiors.
You can choose the colour of the canvas background for a better match to your existing decor.


'Good times become good memories...' Canvas + Wall Stickers Amazing Art Decor


Extraordinary impressive wall decor you have never seen before!
Made to look as a chalkboard canvas is the ideal background to the quote it features. Beautify crafted canvas paired up with vinyl stickers to represent passing time is a witty, multidimensional combo wall art sure to become your favourite talking point.
Ideal art to get people talking in your living room, dining area or to impress at workplace.
Thoughtful gift idea.
Canvas available in any of the three colours to choose from.

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